Gorse Action Group booth at Gorse Blossom Festival

Gorse Action Group booth at Gorse Blossom Festival

BANDON — When the Gorse Action Group is in the weeds, it’s literal, they have a lot to say about it. As they prepare for their Science Pub at the Gorse Blossom Festival on Feb. 13, there’s no shortage of fascinating topics for the Bandon community. The Highway 101 Gorse Demo plots, the updates to the City of Bandon’s prohibited noxious ordinance, and the upcoming release of a natural predator of gorse are just some of the local efforts to control this volatile plant.

Test plot along U.S. Highway 101 just south of Bandon by the weigh station where the Gorse Action Group is experimenting with various gorse co…

GAG has been a part of Bandon’s Gorse Blossom Festival since the beginning. They annually kick off the festival the night before by hosting a Science Pub at Bandon Brewing Company.

“It’s a comfortable and casual way to answer questions and share information about something that, one way or another, affects all of us in our community," said Rushal Sedlemyer, local Gorse Action Group coordinator.

The Science Pub will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb 13, at Bandon Brewing Company, 395 Second St. SE in Old Town Bandon. The presentation is open to everyone at no charge “but not the pizza and beer.”

“This year, we’re focusing on some gorse facts and homeowner tools for gorse control,” Sedlemyer said. “We’ll have a panel of experts from local Watershed Associations to help answer all your burning questions about gorse and prizes will be included for having a discussion with us, so please come prepared with questions.”

GAG also wants residents, especially those new to the area, to be aware of their options when dealing with gorse.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a ranch or a small backyard – gorse is, at best, a nuisance and at worst, a devastating liability," Sedlemyer said. "We can help you find the best solution to your specific problem.”

GAG’s resources include a contractor list, gorse and fire risk, herbicide information, best management practices, and more.

GAG will also be present during the festival. Everyone is welcome to drop by the GAG booth and learn more about the history and future of gorse.

The spread of gorse on the South Coast and has become a safety and environmental issue. An informational booth sponsored by the Gorse Action G…

The Gorse Blossom Festival is President’s Day weekend, Feb. 14-16. Festival hours and information can be found at gorseblossomfest.com or on Facebook @gorseblossom.

To learn more about GAG, visit their website at www.gorseactiongroup.org, their FB page @gorseactiongroup, or contact them direct at gorseactiongroup@gmail.com.

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