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Dear Reader,

This will be the final issue of the Bandon Western World.

Local businesses rely on newspapers such as The Western World to connect them to potential customers. We, in turn, rely on those businesses’ advertising dollars for 90% of our total revenue.

The current business lockdowns and closures, which are intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19, have dramatically reduced our advertising revenues.

While we all hope to emerge from this situation soon, the virus’ long-term adverse economic impact will extend well beyond any phased, gradual reopening. Today’s current resurgence of the virus only adds to the continuing financial uncertainty.

As a result, we have been forced to reduce the number of print editions of The World in Coos Bay from five days a week to two days. And now, beginning the week of Aug. 2, Bandon news will be featured as a section inside The World each Tuesday and Saturday, rather than in a separate newspaper.

Subscribers to The Western World will automatically begin receiving The World once that happens. That means you will be getting two papers each week delivered by mail.

You’ll also have full online access to, including the electronic version of The World.

Your subscription rate and expiration date will remain the same, until your next renewal. If you currently subscribe to both newspapers, your expiration date will be extended accordingly.

If you need help to activate your newspaper’s website access, please contact our customer service department at 541-266-6047 or email

It’s in times of crises that newspapers are most vital. To combat the barrage of rumors and hearsay surrounding the COVID virus, newspapers have been providing accurate information critical to our communities. Our news staff is fully committed to this mission.

If you are not a subscriber to The World, please consider becoming one to support local journalism. You can contact us at the phone number or internet link listed above.

Publisher Ben Kenfield


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