Burgerville's Vampire Slayer Burger

Burgerville's Vampire Slayer Burger is available through Oct. 31 at any of the company's 42 locations in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon. On Sept. 18, National Burger Day, every $1 of Vampire Slayer Burger sold will be donated to Bandon Feeds the Hungry, which will be matched by Face Rock Creamery up to $2,500.

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On Sept. 18, Burgerville celebrated National Cheeseburger Day. Traditionally, the popular hamburger restaurant celebrates National Cheeseburger Day by serving thousands of $1 Original Cheeseburgers to customers.

"For our hardworking employees in the restaurants, it’s a fun, but hectic day," said Burgerville spokesperson Hillary Barbour. "Last year we even went so far to recognize NCBD as a holiday and award holiday pay to employees working in the restaurants that day."

Given Burgerville’s vision to Make the Pacific Northwest the Healthiest Region on the Planet, and all of the changes this year in response to COVID-19, Burgerville wanted to do something different this year.

"We are changing our approach to National Cheeseburger Day in a way that celebrates our food, honors our hardworking restaurant teams, and gives something back to people living in the Pacific Northwest," Barbour said.

Instead of selling as many $1 burgers as possible, Burgerville is shifting its focus to be about giving back to the communities that support the company. This year Burgerville is promoting its premium burger: The Vampire Slayer, featuring Face Rock Creamery’s super garlicky and delicious Vampire Slayer aged cheddar cheese.

"We introduced Burgerville fans to Face Rock Creamery cheese last year with the No. 6 burger and talked about 'the cheese that saved a town,'" Barbour said. 

When Face Rock reopened Bandon’s historic dairy in 2013, many thought the town’s best days of cheesemaking had long gone. But the creamery has successfully revived cheesemaking and restored agricultural pride in the community.

"We wanted to use National Cheeseburger Day to help give back to the community of Bandon," Barbour said. There are 42 Burgerville locations in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon, as far south as Albany.

This year, $1 of every Vampire Slayer Burger sold on Sept. 18 will be donated to Bandon Feeds the Hungry, an organization that distributes food and monetary aid equally to the community’s five nonprofit food assistance organizations. These groups serve Bandon and nearby residents: Families, students, seniors, and anyone who needs food assistance.

"Burgerville's goal is to sell 2,500 burgers on National Cheeseburger Day, and we are very excited that Face Rock Creamery will match out contribution amount up to $2,500. 

Click the link for more information about Burgerville (locations, local sourcing, seasonal specials, Burger Breaks). 

Anyone who would like to make a donation directly to Bandon Feeds the Hungry can do so by mailing a check to P.O. Box 566, Bandon, OR 97411. All donations are tax-deductible.

Vampire Slayer Burger general information

The Vampure Slayer Burger is featured at Burgerville from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31. It costs $5.99. In addition to featuring Face Rock Creamery's Vampire Slayer cheddar, the garlicky wonder of a burger has a beef patty from Country Natural Beef, which is seasoned with garlic salt, garlic aioli, then topped with garlic roasted red onions and arugula.


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