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BANDON — Senate Bill 770 was signed into law last year. It establishes a 20-member task force to recommend the design of the Health Care for All Oregon Plan that will be patient-centered, patient-empowered, high quality, comprehensive, publicly funded and available to every individual residing in Oregon.

The plan will cover participants from birth to death. Participants may choose any individual provider, any group practice, and any clinic or hospital. Patients and their doctors shall determine what treatments are medically necessary and appropriate.

The HCAO Plan will be a single-payer financing system that will be paid from a dedicated fund that is separate and distinct from the General Fund and held in trust for the residents of Oregon. Revenue options include the redirection of current public agency expenditures, an employer payroll tax based on progressive principles that protect small businesses, and a dedicated revenue stream based on progressive taxes that do not impose a burden on individuals.

Individual providers, group practices, clinics and hospitals will be paid directly for health care services through a state agency created for that purpose. Individual providers will be paid on a fee-for-services basis, members of group practices and hospitals will be reimbursed with global budgets.

Dr. Michael Huntington will make SB 770 clear and comprehensible when he speaks at 2 p.m., Sunday, March 1, in the Sprague Community Room at the Bandon Library, 1204 11th St. SW. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. Bring questions and friends.

Dr. Huntington received his residency training at Oregon Health & Science University and was a radiation oncologist for 35 years. He served as medical director of the Radiation Oncology Department at Samaritan Regional Cancer Center in Corvallis from 1984 to 2006.

"Health care is a fundamental element of a just society, and it must be secured for all individuals on an equitable basis by public means similar to public education, public safety and other public infrastructure," said an organizer of the event.

The event is sponsored by the Bandon Chapter of Health Care for All Oregon,


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