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COQUILLE — A man is facing up to 10 felony charges for sex abuse and rape after allegedly assaulting six victims, some while they were students at the Coquille School District.

Dylan Tappert, 18, was arraigned on May 10. According to attorney John Blanc with the Coos County District Attorney Criminal Division Office, some of the alleged assaults date back to 2017 while some are as recent as this past March.

“The charges are spread across 10 different counts,” Blanc said, listing one count of sex abuse in the second degree, two counts of sex abuse in the third degree, one count of sex abuse in the first degree, rape in the first degree, sex abuse in the third degree, two counts of coercion, and two counts of rape in the third degree.

According to Coquille School District Superintendent Tim Sweeney, the district was first notified of the situation after spring break and said they have since cooperated with the Coquille Police Department during its investigation.

“We have been making sure our staff is well-versed in their roles as mandatory reporters and took a morning off school to review that to make sure we were doing the things that needed to be done,” Sweeney said. “We worked with the principals to make sure they understand their role is not an investigator but to call a professional investigator.”

Since that training, Sweeney said they have held conversations about how to be aware of students who are potentially harmful to others while also being perceptive to what students are saying.

“They don’t always come out to say something,” he said. “You have to work to understand what they are trying to tell you.”

Tappert’s next court appearance is July 16 where he will either plead guilty and be sentenced, or plead not guilty and the case will go to trial.

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