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Apple pie and ice cream

Michelle Hoffman and Peter Braun of the Greater Bandon Association, serve up apple pie and ice cream on the boardwalk at the 2018 Fourth of July celebration.

BANDON - What would the State's Excellence in Downtown Revitalization Awards be without a Bandon winner?

Previously, the Port's transformation of its blue former fisheries building to the Old Time Marketplace, The Cycle Stop Rest and Repair Station, Devon Boutique's façade improvement, and the Gorse Blossom Festival were all winners. The 2018 awards were passed out in Albany last week and the special events award went to Bandon's Fourth of July celebration.

Rushel Reed received a Certificate of Appreciation during the State Excellence in Downtown Revitalization awards last week from the Oregon Par…

In accepting the award, Greater Bandon Association's executive director Harv Schubothe pointed out that it was a community award representing the work of volunteers for many organizations in trying to provide wall- to-wall activities from morning to night for residents and visitors alike to celebrate the Fourth of July.

"It was taking traditional events like the parade, the Lions barbecue in City Park and the fireworks and adding things like the Port's Cardboard Boat Races, the Alive After Five Wine Walk, music and apple pie and ice cream sales," Schubothe said. "By consolidating and cross promoting, it has allowed each activity to grow."

It is hoped that GBA's new parttime community events contractor, funded through the same grant from Wild River Coast Alliance that is supporting the new full-time executive director at the Greater Bandon Association, will create even more coordination and growing of local community events, Schubothe said.

Rushel Reed also received a Certificate of Appreciation from Oregon Parks and Recreation for her long-time volunteer work for the Greater Bandon Association.

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