Bandon Police Department

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BANDON —  At 6 a.m. Thursday morning, Aug. 6, a man in an Isuzu Trooper ordered coffee from the owner of Tin Cup Coffee drive-through in Bandon, located in a corner of the Bandon Shopping Center. He reportedly asked owner Isabelle Johnson to remove her mask, which she politely declined to do.

He then complained his coffee wasn’t hot enough and asked to have it microwaved, according to the victim's mother, Billie Thomas. After handing it back to him, he allegedly suddenly threw the scalding coffee at Johnson through the open window while screaming and cursing at her. Johnson was not injured.

The Bandon Police Department responded to the call and are actively seeking the man for the attempted assault. He was seen by others on a dead-end street trying to get back onto U.S. Highway 101. He then went through the Human Bean drive-through in Bandon and proudly announced what he had just done.

Bandon police again responded and are actively looking for the man.

The Isuzu is gold or tan in color with a dent on the rear passenger side. Plates, believed to be from Washington, are PLS 125. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bandon Police Department, 541-347-2241.


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