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BANDON ─ The Bandon School District has begun its search for a new superintendent.

During last week’s regular school board meeting, Steven Kelley with the Oregon School Board Association presented action items to move forward with the process. These included declaring a vacancy for the position, adopting a calendar of the hiring process and identifying qualifications for who they want to bring on board.

The district’s outgoing superintendent, Doug Ardiana, is resigning from the position and his last day is June 30.

The school board voted to declare the superintendent position vacant as of July 1 of this year.

“The marketing phase starts next, with materials posted online and in (the Oregon School Board Association) database,” Kelley said, explaining that the marketing strategies used will blanket most the United States.

By early March, Kelley told the board the first phase of the search will begin with application reviews. The board will do this alongside a screening committee, which will have anywhere from 10 to 15 people who are selected by the board. The board and committee will pick their top 10 superintendent candidate applicants. At that point, Kelley suggested for the board to take input from the screening committee before deciding on five to eight individuals who will move on to the interview process.

Kelley said those interviews will run from March 18 to March 21.

“In this timeline, the board conducts interviews and can have the screening committee observe and provide feedback,” he said, adding that the screening committee is “another level of community and staff involvement. (It) is generally (made up of) staff but can include other key people from the community or parent organizations.”

Kelley explained the board will pare down the superintendent candidates to two or four finalists and begin reference checks and site visits.

The final phase begins April 7 or 8 with a finalist forum, otherwise known as “a day in the community.” During this, candidates are brought to visit the area, schools and have a meet-and-greet with the public.

“I’m hopeful at that time, even if there are social distance protocols in place, we can do this face-to-face,” Kelley said. “There is a moderated Q&A with the community and staff. I moderate that. Then there is a final interview by the board and you make the final decision in executive session.”

The school board voted to approve the calendar for the superintendent search.

“…You are looking for a superhuman,” Kelley said. “But it’s about the best fit. There will never be a ‘perfect fit.’ It’s just people and what they bring to the table.”

On Tuesday, the district asked the public for assistance in selecting the next superintendent.

“The board will be selecting up to 15 individuals … to assist in the application screening and interview process…,” the announcement read, opening screening committee applicants to staff and non-staff.

To apply for the screening committee, call Rachel Hernandez at 541-347-4411. Applications must be returned to Hernandez by Feb. 2.


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