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Bandon Beach Hotel proposal

Bandon Beach Hotel proposal

BANDON — The Bandon Planning Commission will hold a hearing on a conditional use permit and plan review for a redesigned Bandon Beach Hotel at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 15, in council chambers of City Hall. 

After submitting a pre-application in August, Robert Miller, on behalf of Chris Keiser, agent and attorney-in-fact for Steere Bandon Associates LLC, submitted a formal application for the hotel in October, which will be located at 1090 Portland Ave., at the west end of 11th Street near Coquille Point.

The proposed request is for approval of a conditional use permit to replace an existing 24-room motel with a 32-room hotel.

Under the proposed CUP request, the structure will now become an integrated hotel, as opposed to a motel, so there won't be multiple room exterior doors. There will also be ample parking, which will be re-distributed off-site to neighboring parcels, Miller wrote in the application, which will also allow for an attractive "view corridor" from Beach Loop Drive to the Coquille Point Unit of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

"The design is, we think, much more attractive than the existing 'squat box,' and is sited farther away, north and east, from the bluff than the present structure," Miller wrote.

The proposed motel will incorporate bird-friendly designs and practices, including the use of a keycard system to minimize interior lighting, the careful choice and positioning of interior curtains and furnishing appointments, "night sky" protective exterior lighting, and an informed choice of glazing material and window films, coatings, or markings to alert birds and minimize glare and reflection.

"We have incorporated a ground-level cafe concept to be called The Tasting Room, with restrooms for patrons, to replace the Three Gables Restaurant, which we think will enhance the visitor experience to the hotel itself as well as the neighboring Refuge," Miller wrote.

"We believe that the new Bandon Beach Hotel will be motorist-, pedestrian-, and cyclist friendly, and especially inviting to our local residents and visitors who are mobility challenged," Miller added. "The new Bandon Beach Hotel will be a great credit to Bandon, advance the purposes of our comprehensive plan, and serve as an information gateway to Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway, Coos County Mountain Bike Trail System, Fat Biking the Southern Oregon Coast Trail System, Wild Rivers Coast Farm Trail, and the Oregon Coast Trail."

The new proposal conforms with all zoning requirements of Bandon's Controlled Development zone, according to Miller. No legislative amendments or variances are requested.

Specifically, the height of the proposed hotel will be under 24 feet, the setbacks are 20 feet in the front, 10 feet in the back and 15 feet on the side of 11th Street and 5 feet on the other side. Lot coverage is 49.5 percent, with total impervious surface under 65 percent.

Total square feet of the proposed hotel is 8,535 of the 17,424 lot area.

The Planning Department is recommending approval of the CUP application, with 15 conditions proposed.

"The applicant has prepared an application that addresses the previous concerns raised as part of the zone code text amendment, designing a project consistent with the City’s development code

requirements," the staff report states. "Further, the new building will provide an attractive and updated replacement of the current motel building, while also increasing the number of rooms, positively impacting the availability of traveler’s accommodations in town, and the local economy."

The 15 conditions address general CUP compliance, signage, landscaping, lighting, parking lot requirements, drainage, exterior materials, transient occupancy tax compliance, adherence to city, state and federal rules, compliance with geologic recommendations and all city of Bandon requirements.

The entire application can be found online at the city's website,

The hotel application follows the withdrawal of a zone code text amendment request previously submitted by Steere Bandon to allow a building height of up to 45 feet to accommodate three stories, side and rear yards of 5 feet, as well as 55-percent lot coverage with up to 75-percent impervious surface for a hotel at the same site.

That proposed hotel idea would have included 48 rooms, a public lobby area and contact station to support the Coquille Point Unit of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge nearby, as well as public restrooms and an upscale cafe.

While many supported the original hotel proposal, saying it would help bring visitors to the area and would be a vast improvement to the current dilapidated motel at the site, many others were opposed to changing the code for that property only and to what they perceived as a structure too large and imposing for the area that overlooks Bandon beaches.

The zone text amendment was rejected by the Planning Commission and the request could have been appealed to the City Council, but the applicants instead withdrew their request, saying they would come back with a different proposal.

Surrounding property owners have been notified of the public hearing and the community is encouraged to participate. 

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