BANDON - The man from Bandon, Ireland who “found” Bandon, even before Lord Bennett “founded” it.

The last survivor of the Whitman Massacre.

The mayor of Bandon during the 1936 fire.

The band leader at the Silver Spray gardens.

A local boy who died coming home from an Indian boarding school.

A soldier who joined the Union army at age 13.

All are among the citizens buried in Bandon’s GAR cemetery. 

“Tales from the Cemetery: Grand Stories from the GAR” is the title of a program at the Bandon Historical Society Museum on Saturday, April 13. Museum volunteer Jim Proehl will give the talk, supported with images from the photo collection, about the lives of several of the people buried in the GAR cemetery.

The program will begin at 11 a.m. and will be repeated at 2 p.m. Admission to the program and the museum for the day will be free courtesy of The Beverage Barn and Sunrise Carpet Cleaning and More.

“Come early if you want a good seat,” said Gayle Nix, museum director.

The GAR Cemetery is located on Bandon Heights where Harlem Avenue meets Division Street. It is one of three cemeteries on the site. The initials GAR stand for Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union Civil War veterans.

“This program is about lives, not deaths. There are so many great stories in Bandon’s History. Using the GAR cemetery as a starting place gives the program focus,” said Proehl. “If the weather is good, people can visit the cemetery before or after the program. They will find many more stories than I have time to share.”

The Bandon museum is located at the corner of Highway 101 and Fillmore Avenue.

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