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BANDON — On June 1, the Bandon Library Art Gallery Sixth-Annual Mosaic Show would have gone on display at the library. This is an annual event that is eagerly looked forward to by people in Bandon and the surrounding towns. The public would have been invited again to make their own small mosaics, and a talk on the art of mosaics would have been given.

Sadly, the COVID-19 virus has canceled the mosaic show, as it has so many other things people all looked forward to. However, gallery director Tracy Hodson has curated a special virtual show, “A Silver Lining,” which is available online for all to see.

Without the restrictions caused by expensive shipping and limited gallery space, Hodson has been able to put together a collection of more than 90 mosaics made by an international roster of artists. Those visiting the virtual show will see the most recent works by regular contributors to the annual show, as well as exciting mosaicists whose work will be entirely new to Bandon residents.

“'A Silver Lining' is a great introduction to — or continuation of, for regular mosaic show attendees — experiencing the vibrant, ever-growing world of fine art mosaics," Hodson said. "Many of the mosaics are available for purchase, including the ones overseas, and most of the artists are available for commissions."

Bandon Library Art Gallery invites everyone to view the show, and encourages them to share the link with others. Hodson says she expects to mount the Sixth-Annual Mosaic Show on June 1, 2021 in the gallery, and reminds people to watch for an announcement of gallery reopening later this year.

“There will continue to be great art shown at the library, in the gallery and on the long wall, so stay tuned," she said.

You can find “A Silver Lining” on the Bandon Library Art Gallery Facebook page, on the Bandon Library Friends and Foundation Facebook page and website, on the Bandon Public Library page, or directly by following this link:


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