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Bandon families reveled at last Saturday’s Freedom, Faith & Family Festival. The event was hosted on the Restoration Church lot, across Highway 101 from the Ray’s shopping complex.  More than 1,500 attended, some from hours away, for the five-hour celebration. Citizens Restoring Liberty organizers offered information on the festival on their website, at

The festival featured 14 speakers, including Oregon State Senators Art Robinson and Dallas Heard, and State Representative David Brock Smith.  Also, there were national and regional activists and media celebrities Ann Vandersteel, Joey Gibson, KWRO radio hosts Rob Taylor and Rob Gensorek and others, offering rousing discourses on Liberty and personal responsibility. Live music featured Timberwolf and Restoration Band.  Many commented there was more dancing than Bandon has seen in a long time.  For the many children in attendance, they had four huge “bouncy houses,” crafts, lots of good food and a real Gypsy wagon where over a hundred children had their faces painted.   A contingent of six protesters fielded their own small vigil across the highway.

Festival organizers were surprised at the sizable attendance and were thrilled with the enthusiasm demonstrated by young and old.  They cited it as evidence of a growing desire of our citizens to emerge back to a happy normal, beyond the lengthy restrictions imposed statewide because of the COVID-19 virus.

Numerous local businesses stepped up to help make the Festival happen, with donations, supplies, resources, expertise and equipment: Among them, South Coast Septic, Rawsome Juice bar, Pastries and Pizza, Frank Kreutzer Trucking, Kaffé 101, Jim Wickstrom and the City of Bandon, Ray’s Shopping Center, which graciously “loaned” crucial parking space, Hennick’s Hardware and Coos Comfort Furniture.  Special thanks were made to the Bandon Police and Coos County Sheriff’s Office for their constabulary presence.  Anthony Zunino was mentioned as providing and operating the sound system.  

The surprise finale to the celebration was a simple speech by Maddie Nighswoger, a 13-year-old political activist from Myrtle Point.  She brought everyone to their feet, cheering her youthful focus on preservation of liberty.

The Citizens Restoring Liberty steering committee began right away planning their next community events, the first being a special movie screening at the Sprague Theater at 7 p.m. June 19. This will feature the newly released documentary “The Deep Rig,” based on the book by founder Patrick Byrne, Ph.D. Tickets will be available at Bandon Ace Hardware, and at the door starting at 6 p.m. the day of the show.


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