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Letter to the Editor

There are many reasons Bandon citizens are in favor of a pool, just not located in Bandon City Park. It is a large aquatic complex rather than just a "pool." Before you make up your mind it should be in the park, view a copy of the Bandon Aquatic Center Plan and see how extensive it really is with meeting rooms, concession area, multi purpose room, lounge, offices and three "pools."

The only reason the park is being considered is that some unknown person bequeathed $2.5 million to the pool with one of the conditions being that it HAS to be in City Park. I keep asking myself why? Why does this large complex HAVE to be in our relatively small City Park? With that amount of money a near perfect location could be found in an area big enough to house such a complex.

Some living close to the park believe it would bring a great deal of traffic, noise, unnatural lighting, general congestion, remove long standing trees and change the peace of the neighborhoods around the park and indeed, change forever the open natural feel of the park. Once done, it can not be undone.

The pool committee has openly made it known that they want it to be used by all surrounding communities such as Port Orford, Coquille, and so on, sending school buses of kids for swim meets and such. Have you noticed the traffic in Bandon lately not slowing down even after the summer? A near terrible accident was recently witnessed at the crossing by McKay's. A lady had a bright flag, was crossing legally, and she and her dog were very nearly hit. It was close and it was scary. Do we need more traffic? We have traffic problems we need to solve.

Yes, kids need to learn to swim. When our grandsons were small we had them with us every summer in Bandon. We squeezed them into the cab of our old Jeep pick-up and drove them to Coos Bay to the pool for Red Cross swim lessons. They did not need a pool complex to learn with a lounge or a multi-purpose room.

Finally let me quote from a singer, song writer, and visionary of the 1970's, Joni Mitchell writing in her song, "Big Yellow Taxi"(1970):

"Took all the trees, put them in a tree museum

And they charged the people

A dollar and a half just to seem 'em

Don't it always seem to go

That you don't know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Paved paradise, put up a parking lot."

Donna Misseres


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