Letter to the Editor

The Bandon Aquatic Center's Spring Fling was missing only one item - spring weather. But the board members were out in force showing their many talents. Rick Jackson and Bart Taylor were chefs extraordinaire, ably and tirelessly assisted by Nancy Koontz and Maureen Erickson, Maureen having already worked her magic as a graphic artist for all advertising; Caroline Mitchell and Connie Madden, with the help of Bob Consrow, brought the room alive with spring flowers; Bev Minn was a "Jackie" of All Trades, assisted by Kent Hall, Bruce Williams, and Nancy Bailey; Sheila Levinsky was Merchant of the Silent Auction; and Myra Lawson was the unceasing Cheerleader.

Efficient and capable servers were Estelle and Jennifer Womack, Janice and Megan Baseman, Trish Hundhausen, a true angel named "Angela", Connie Madden, and Ann King. Jim Lawson was stand-up "comedian" attracting people to the bar, which was managed by Bandon Brewing Company; and the formal Welcoming Committee of Beth and Guy Ridenour and Rick Toth ensured attendees were off to a fun start.

Superintendent Doug Ardiana of Bandon School District 54 was warmly welcoming and supportive of the stars of the show, the Bandon High School Speech Team, represented by Jacob Tidwell, Nick Turner and Les Anderson. 

Major contributors to the event's success were Jeff Norris, Face Rock Creamery, Erickson Designs and Abundant Blooms. And the variety and quality of contributions to the silent auction from Bandon and Langlois communities kept the suspense high until evening's end when bidding winners collected their treasures.

The Aquatic Center Board members were heartened to see local government, health and fitness and business people supporting the center. Adding this to the all-volunteer forces above was tremendously encouraging. We hope the enthusiasm continues and look forward to a summer of successful fundraising activities.

Myra Lawson

Board member

Bandon Aquatic Center 

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