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Letter to the Editor

At their Jan. 3 meeting, the Langlois Public Library District Board voted to draft a resolution to end their association with the Friends of the Langlois Library. The resolution, to be addressed at the next Langlois Library Board meeting at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 7, at the Langlois Public Library, states in part: The “Friends of the Langlois Library” do not in any way represent the Langlois Library Board of Directors, staff, volunteers; and the Langlois Library District has determined it will no longer be involved with the “Friends of the Langlois Library.”

In addition, the board unanimously passed a motion stating that library board members, staff and volunteers will no longer respond to communications from the Friends members. This was the culmination of almost two years of increasing difficulties experienced by the Friends of the Langlois Library in communication and cooperation with the Langlois Public Library Board and its library director.

The Friends of the Langlois Library is not run by the library. It is an independent Oregon nonprofit corporation with its own decision-making board that has 501(c)3 status from the IRS. That means that on behalf of the library, the Friends of the Langlois Library can accept grants from other 501(c)3 organizations and accept donations that are deductible on federal income tax returns. Note: checks made out to the library itself are not deductible.

In 2017 alone, the Friends of the Langlois Library funded refurbishing the children’s area, upgrades to the parking lot safety lighting, ergonomics equipment for the staff area, a new computer for the circulation desk, spent $2,000 on books and DVDs, and donated $2,000 to the Langlois Public Library’s general fund.

None of the above will be permitted if the board passes its resolution. In that case, the Friends of the Langlois Library will continue to operate as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We will focus on Langlois community projects and aiding the larger library network to which our local library belongs. For the good of our library, let’s hope that in the future a way will be found to resolve the issues and re-establish a working relationship between the Friends and the Langlois Library.

The library is about to lose an important resource. You may express your thoughts on this matter to the board in writing or by attending the February board meeting at the Langlois Public Library. Per current library board policy, individual public input is limited to 2 minutes.

Since 1996, the Friends of the Langlois Library have volunteered countless hours on behalf of the library to run fundraisers, support library activities, obtain grants, provide matching funds, make purchases the library can’t afford, maintain reserves for emergencies, host social and cultural events, and assist library staff as needed.


Friends of the Langlois Library


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