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Letter to the Editor

There has been more interest in town regarding the Bandon Community Swimming Pool and there is new information.

- It will be a solar heated aquatic center, with a competition pool, a therapy pool, a community room and a small work-out room.

- It will be a nonprofit, self-supporting business, offering 5-7 jobs.

- It will be located on the Bandon Aquatic Center’s 10 acres off Jackson Road, behind the softball field and skateboard park.

- It has been scaled down since 2005. Two million dollars in grants are needed to construct the building, excluding the roads and utilities to the property.

- Prior to 2005, all of the money raised was given to the City of Bandon for busing and admittance of summer school students to the Coquille pool.

- Since 2005, when the Bandon Community Swimming Pool Development Board was made a nonprofit, $595,000 has been raised through fundraisers, donations and grants. $375,000 has been spent. Figures were in last week’s Bandon Western World. $200,000 remains in the bank.

Thanks to the public, the collection boxes provide approximately $100 per month for administration expenses, which include the post office box, printing and meeting rooms.

We are excited about breaking ground in 2019, with a facility for the safety, competition, education, recreation, therapy, and socialization for the communities from Bandon Dunes to Port Orford to Coquille.

Please come to our Spring Fling Dinner at The Barn/Bandon Community Center on Saturday, April 14. See the plans, meet the current board and thank previous board members. Show your support!

This worthwhile project is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are not giving up!

Bandon Aquatic Center Board members