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Letter to the Editor

I am anticipating a celebration this November when Republicans, Independents and Democrats vote for positive change in Coos County and elect Katy Eymann as commissioner.

Our well-meaning Board of Commissioners has unfortunately been convinced by a foreign corporation to accept what no other port on the Pacific Coast in the United States or Canada has allowed – the construction of a Liquid Natural Gas plant. The LNG plant would be the biggest polluter in Oregon, emitting tons of methane gas. Methane gas pollutes our air and drinking water and causes serious illnesses including various types of cancer as well as respiratory and skin conditions. Such a development would harm our coastal community, not benefit it. Additionally, natural gas development is linked to earthquakes. Considering where we live in relation to the Cascadia Subduction Zone, it seems only natural that we would do all we can to avoid fueling things like earthquakes and tsunamis.

The plan for the LNG plant includes pipes which would run from Alberta, Canada. The transmitted gas would run under the Rogue River and many pristine streams utilizing eminent domain over private property. In the event that wildlife is poisoned, local hunters and fishermen would have to say goodbye to beloved pastimes and livelihoods.

Katy Eymann presents a clear alternative and solutions to save and sustain our environment. An attorney and a long-time Bandon resident, she cares deeply about her home in Bandon and the community in which we all live. She wants her grandchildren to have a bright future in a world they can enjoy and in which they can breathe freely.

Katy offers realistic, efficient plans for emerging industries such as innovative lumber mills, plastic recycling and alternative energy. She also believes in strengthening current industries such as tourism, retirement, fishing and organic farming.

From Bridge to Charleston and from Lakeside to Bandon, everyone can agree that Katy's courage, legal expertise and energy is what is needed on our Coos County Board of Commissioners.

Myra Lawson


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