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I clearly remember taking this picture in 1963 because the football field was blanketed in snow. And in those days, that didn't occur very often, and when it did, it made the news (as in Western World). But what I love about this photo today is the wonderful picture of the old football stadium on Dave Miller Field. I have so many memories (some great and some not so great) of climbing up the back ladder to get onto the roof and into the press box ... but no one was happier than I when they built a hatch at the back of the seats for us to get onto the roof. It was a sad day when an inspection said it needed to be torn down. I still wonder if it couldn't have been saved.

I can't find much information on the second picture except to say that these were beautification contest winners, and I think this was around 1966. From left are Sherida Judy, BHS Principal Jerry Judy, Bill Smith, Supt. Roland L. Parks, Walt Dodrill, and Western World owner Warren Strycker. I was there, too, but on the other side of the camera.

The third picture was taken in August of 1958 as members of the Cranberry Court prepare to leave for Myrtle Point to march in the Coos County Fair Parade. Not sure what the boat was all about, but it was obviously some kind of a prop. This picture was taken alongside McNair Hardware. In the back you can see the bridge off First Street that led out to the west side of the Moore Mill Truck Shop. Princesses include, front, left, Carleen Metzger, Peggy Hunt, Bette Garoutte; back, Linda Sutherland, Darlyn (Susie) Ward, Jerene Albertson and Judy Howard.

* * *

Someone who chose not to sign his or her name posted flyers all over town last week prior to Tuesday night's City Council meeting, which read: "Aquatic Center 'pool' in city park?? It's not located where you think! Protect our Park. Attend Bandon City Council meeting ..."

No one came to either me or the city manager and asked to have the item on the agenda for either a discussion or an action item. They just went around and put up their posters.

There was an item at the end of the agenda, 8.1, that was the report from the parks and recreation commission explaining to the council that they had staked out three locations in City Park, which they felt might accommodate a pool. But it was not on the agenda for discussion, which is what I told several people who arrived before the meeting started. They wanted to sign up to speak, and I asked several of them which items they wanted to speak about, as most people were there for the LUBA remand hearing, and when they said, "the pool," I politely explained that it was not on the agenda for discussion. And true to my explanation, it was not discussed. I felt it was only fair to let them know that it was not on the agenda (and we also announced it at the start of the meeting) so people would not have to sit through a meeting, which ended up lasting two and a half hours, waiting for an item that was never going to be discussed. How fair would that have been?

But someone took issue with that and posted an unsigned letter which indicates that I "confronted" them for wanting to comment on the pool. I confronted no one; I simply told them it was not on the agenda.

It is possible that the same people who posted the flyers around town, without identifying themselves, are also the ones who wrote the unsigned letter.

Unfortunately, much of the unrest (and misinformation) is coming from a group of people who live on the fringe of City Park and do not want a pool in their backyard. I understand that, but I am not sure this is the way to go about making your voices heard.

The writer (unsigned) questions how the mayor could, "with a clearly stated and monetarily supported conflict of interest in favor of the pool lobby, legally have the deciding vote if there is a tie in City Council on this matter."

Not sure what that means as it would infer that I would be paid by the pool committee or receive money if it's built. Nothing could be further from the truth. I stand to make nothing. But I have pledged, that once the pool is underway, I would contribute $5,000 toward the pool, which I believe would be considered more of a hardship to my financial well-being than a conflict of interest. That's the problem with unsigned letters; you don't have to be responsible for your irresponsible and untrue remarks. Sad, but true.

As far as the ballot measure is concerned, people who do not feel that the city should use taxpayer dollars to pay for operation and maintenance of a pool should vote yes on Ballot Measure 6-172, which amends the charter. If the no votes prevail, the charter will not be changed.

It is not a vote on whether or not there will be a pool in Bandon, nor on where it will be located.

* * *

I went to two art shows over the weekend, including Saturday at By The Sea Gallery (located in their spacious new gallery next to the Station Restaurant on Fillmore Avenue) and on Sunday to the opening of the new show at the hospital.

I noticed some particularly striking contemporary paintings on the wall in the dining room of the hospital, which indicated they were there at the request of the family of Roberta (Bobbie) Stewart, "who has passed away recently."

Bobbie was well known by many in the community, having been active in environmental causes, and I had not heard that she died.

The small note which accompanied her paintings said she had lived in Livermore, Calif., where she worked, raised her two sons and obtained her degree before moving to Bandon in 1994.

* * *

Tuesday night's council meeting was particularly long and interesting. The main item on the agenda was a Land Use Board of Appeals remand hearing on a Vacation Rental Dwelling on Spinnaker, off Seabird. On a split vote, the planning commission had granted approval for the VRD. The neighbors appealed, and the council overturned the planning commission decision on a 5-1 vote (Peter Braun).

But LUBA said our findings for denial were not strong enough, so we held another hearing on the record, but postponed the decision until November when all the councilors could be present as Councilor Madeline Seymour had been called away by the unexpected death of her brother (who had just been here on Cranberry weekend).

The applicant for the VRD was an Asian man named Frank Gu, who was represented by a Eugene attorney. Mr. Gu also spoke during the hearing.

It was during the testimony that a woman who lives in the area, Maureen O'Neill, said she felt that if Mr. Gu's name had been Smith, we never would have denied his application, inferring that our decision was race based. She wrote the same statement, but enlarged on it, in her written testimony.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as was pointed out quite clearly by Councilor Geri Procetto at the close of the hearing. To say we were stunned is an understatement.

When someone builds what was essentially a five-bedroom house in a neighborhood of smaller manufactured homes, it got the attention of the neighbors ... and that was the crux of the issue, not Mr. Gu's nationality.

His attorney pointed out that with the conditions put on the VRD permit by the Planning Commission, it was far less likely to be a nuisance in the neighborhood than would a large house with no restrictions, which could be a long-term rental.

That decision will be up to the council ...

* * *

Tony Chatman, who heads up the Bandon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), attended the council meeting and invited us to attend the upcoming CERT training, which begins Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the Bandon Fire Hall from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

The public is urged to take the training, which is held weekly through Dec. 11. Classes include introduction to disaster preparedness, Oct. 16; fire safety, Oct. 23; disaster medical operations, Oct. 30; medical disaster operations II, Nov. 6; light search and rescue operations, Nov. 13; CERT organization, Nov. 20; disaster psychology, Nov. 27; terrorism and CERT, Dec. 4; and final, Dec. 11.

For more information people can contact Tony at 541-551-0361.

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