The first photo I am sharing this week is the former Millard School on Langlois Hill, 14 miles south of Bandon. At the time this photo was taken in the 1950s, it was home to Millard School, owned by Colonel Homer Millard and his wife, Esther, who taught for many years at Bandon High School. It was a prep school for boys, who were planning to enter one of the military academies. They came from all over the country for intense classes in math, science and English. Mrs. Millard was my grammar teacher at BHS, and I can honestly say I was well prepared in the art of punctuation, thanks to several years in her class.

In 1998 Jaime Burpo-Sterling established the Langlois Mountain Retreat, now known as Highland Woods Group Getaway, out of the 1800s homestead which had at one time served as the post office and a hotel.

Jaime lived in Bandon at the time she established the retreat, but has since moved to McMinnville with her daughters, Marin and Tegan Sterling, who also spend time in Bandon with their father, Mike.

The second photo is Franklin's Court, which was owned by K.I. (Kelly) Franklin and his wife. K.I. served as mayor of Bandon from January 1939 to 1947 when Rudy Backlund became mayor.

His cluster of small cottages was located on Ocean Drive just east of Madison Avenue, which is the gated street that accesses a substandard road in and out of the South Jetty, which can be used in the case of an emergency. Actually in the case of an emergency, you probably would not be headed onto the jetty, but would more likely be preparing to leave.

The small cabins are now gone, but I believe the office/large house is still on the property.

I love the third picture, which I believe was taken sometime in the 1970s during a program in City Hall, which was narrated by Joanne Metcalfe, assisted on the slide projector by Carol Tucker Acklin.

The man standing up to speak is Curt Beckham, a native of Bandon, who authored the small book, "The Night Bandon Burned." He lived in Myrtle Point for many years where he taught school. He died in 1990.

The man alongside him is his brother, Dow Beckham, who wrote many books, including the one I often quote from: "Bandon By-The-Sea: Hope and Perseverance in a Southwestern Oregon Town." He also wrote "Encore: A History of Theaters and Theatre on Oregon's Southwestern Coast," from which I quoted last week. Other works written by Dow Beckham are "Swift Flows the River: Log Driving in Oregon" and "Stars in the Dark: Coal Mines of Southwestern Oregon."

But it is Dow's son, Stephen Dow Beckham, who is the noted American historian, and professor emeritus of history at Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

Bandon native Romalou Giles was a Beckham, and I believe was the sister of Curt and Dow, which would make Stephen Dow Beckham a cousin to Jeff and Doug Giles.

Both the Giles family and the Beckhams lost their homes in the Bandon Fire.

* * *

Bandon has a new police officer, or at least he's been offered a job, and hopefully he will accept the position. I was on the police oral board, which interviewed 19 men and women last month for two openings on the department. The choice of who would be hired, of course, was left up to Chief Bob Webb, and the one that he settled on was Zack Carpenter, a Grant County corrections officer in John Day, whose father, Jim Carpenter, is the district attorney of Grant County.

He graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he studied communications and served as a campus security officer.

I believe he is expected to arrive in Bandon this week.

Apparently, the department is once again advertising for officer candidates to fill the other vacancy.

* * *

I've learned that retired attorney Harry Slack, who practiced in Coquille for many years and was also associated with the Port of Bandon, was the victim of a burglary recently.

He had apparently left his Randolph area home for a couple of days, and when he returned he discovered that someone (or more than one) had broken in and stolen his gun collection and other possessions, valued at over $10,000, which qualifies the crime as first-degree aggravated theft. I understand that another home in that area may also have been burglarized, but I don't have any details about that. The Slack burglary is being handled by Adam Slater of the Coos County Sheriff's Department.

Slack's home along the Coquille River had recently sold for more than a million dollars, but I've been told he had retained occupancy rights for a period of time.

Crime is becoming a way of life for many in Coos County, and at the very least, if you are preparing to leave your house unattended for any period of time, it might be wise to wire it with an extremely loud alarm system.

* * *

Speaking of the Bandon Police Department, their new German Shepherd police canine, Penny, has arrived and will be making her home with officer Jordan Waddington, who lives in the Coos Bay area.

Penny has been trained in the detection of heroin, meth and cocaine, according to Sgt. Larry Lynch.

* * *

Facebook is a great source of information about Bandon people, and this week I've learned that Annette Lou Hunter, age 57, who attended Bandon High School, died March 15 at her home in Clearlake, Calif., according to her brother, Aaron Hunter.

Tracee Nagel-Eggert has been posting about the condition of her husband, Steve Eggert, who is in OHSU (Oregon Health and Sciences University) in Portland, with serious heart problems. Tracee, who worked many years as a popular waitress at Fraser's, is now employed at the Station Restaurant.

Another well-known Bandon man, Goodnight Lucas, who is best known as the force behind Bandon Animal Rescue, has been ill with congestive heart failure, and his partner, Lynette Walker, posted this week that he had been released from the hospital, but is unable to lift, push or pull, and she is hoping that their small corps of volunteers will lend a hand. Last year alone, they rescued and found homes for more than 80 animals.

But now, more than ever, they need the community's help. Goodnight's business, Bandon Feed and Firearms, is located just east of town at 88674 Highway 42S. If you have never been there, stop in and see what they need or send a donation. I know it would be appreciated.

And maybe you'll fall in love with one of their cats or dogs that are looking for a home ....

* * *

I saw an obituary in the World for long-time Harbor Lights Middle School teacher Claire Bennett, who died March 30 at the age of 84. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Lorna.

The Bennetts moved here in 1978 and in addition to teaching at Harbor Lights, Claire also coached middle school sports before retiring in 1993. He was very active in the Catholic Church.

He served in active duty as a Marine in Korea and later served in the Oregon Army National Guard. He was also very active in the Knights of Columbus, serving many years as lector and pro-life chairman.

* * *

Bandon Western World recently carried a nice article about the Veterans Memorial, which will recognize all past and present community members who have served our country in times of peace and war. The memorial will be located near The Barn in Bandon City Park.

People can now purchase memorial bricks for themselves, as well as their qualified friends and relatives, and even if you don't have a particular Vet in mind, please just mail a donation to Bandon VFW Memorial Fund, Post 3440, PO Box 992, Bandon, OR 97411.

Spokesman Bill Smith said they hope to break ground sometime during the latter half of this year, but that, of course, " is subject to the availability of the necessary funds."

People with questions can call Smith at 541-347-3674.

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