BANDON - The Bandon Planning Commission will hold its regular meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, June 28, in council chambers of City Hall, 555 Highway 101.

The commission will deliberate in a closed public hearing on a zone code text amendment for the Bandon Beach Hotel that would modify the Bandon Municipal Code's Controlled Development 1 zone to allow for a building height up to 45 feet, side yards of 5 feet, a rear yard of 5 feet and 55 percent lot coverage with up to 75 percent impervious surface, on specific properties located in the CD-1 zone in the city of Bandon.

The planning action for the Bandon Beach Hotel zoning code amendment was heard in a public hearing on April 26, when the staff report was presented. A presentation was made by the applicant and testimony was presented by the public.

The applicant, Steere Bandon LLC, represented by local attorney Robert Miller and Chris Keiser, provided verbal rebuttal at the end of the meeting. A request was received to leave the record open for an additional seven days, during which time many pages of additional testimony was received, with letters urging the commission not to approve the amendment as proposed and other letters in favor of the request.

The applicant provided written rebuttal information to the information submitted to the record. The Planning Commission closed the hearing and stated that the commission would deliberate at the next scheduled meeting. The applicant requested that the deliberations be delayed to the June 28 meeting due to a scheduling conflict. 

The commission will deliberate toward a recommendation to the City Council at Thursday's meeting on the request. The property is currently occupied by the Bandon Beach Motel at the western end of 11th Street.

Planning staff's recommendation to the commission is to adopt the amendments, with some modifications and the potential addition of public improvements associated with a future hotel project, which is contained in a previous staff report.

Significant comments were also received during the period that the record was open, recommending that no changes be made to the existing ordinance, and that any future projects for the project be subject to the current development standards in place.

Planning Commission Chairman David Kimes has provided a proposal - a compromise approach with some specific requirements - for consideration by the commission as well. Staff has no recommendation regarding the proposal. Kimes' proposal is to amend the code to allow no more than 32 feet in height and no more than a two-story hotel at the site, among other requirements.

"The commission has a challenging task in preparing a recommendation, and staff is available should you have any questions," said Planning Director John McLaughlin in the staff report to the commission.

Two more hearings

In addition to the deliberations on the recommendations on the zone code text amendment, the Planning Commission will hold two conditional use permit hearings on Thursday.

The first CUP hearing is on an application from Bandon Professional Building LLC to convert the existing structure at 475 Elmira Ave. SE into a 19-unit residential care facility in City of Bandon.

The site was the location of a former church that was torn down in 2002. An office building was built on the site by Eugene Hill Construction and was completed in 2005 and occupied by Dr. Megan Holland and other medical professionals for a while, but has been vacant for several years.

The owners of West Wind Court in Bandon will run the facility if it is approved. A previous request was passed by the Bandon City Council on May 7 amending the Bandon Municipal Code allowing a Residential Care Facility in the Light Industrial zone on the 475 Elmira property only. 

Planning staff has recommended denial of the request or a continuation of the hearing until more information from the applicant is submitted. 

Marijuana facility request

The second CUP hearing is an application from Todd Theiss to site a medical/recreational marijuana facility on property zoned C-2, General Commercial, within the city of Bandon. The location is 265 North Ave. SE. The project involves two tax lots and is located off Highway 42S, near the intersection with U.S. Highway 101, now the location of Gibson Graphics and formerly Haruna Computers.

If approved, the current buildings will be removed for new construction. A new 24-foot- by 64-foot building will be built for the facility and the applicant is proposing to angle the building toward Highway 101 to increase visibility. The property will be accessed from Highway 42S and Third Street SE and the exit will lead to North Ave. SE.

On Nov. 6, 2017, Ordinance 1623 was passed by the City Council stating that the siting of a Medical/Recreational Marijuana Facility shall be a conditional use in the General Commercial and Light Industrial zones, on

properties described in the ordinance. This is the first application for a marijuana dispensary within city limits since the adoption of that ordinance.

Bandon Western World Editor Amy Moss Strong can be reached at 541-269-1222, ext. 305, or by email at Follow her on Twitter: @wwbandon.


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