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Ocean Crest students 'caught' being fair

Ocean Crest students "caught" being fair for March include, back row from left: Sevren Quinn, Jazmyn Gwynn-Llewellyn, Willa Brink, Lilleth Johnson, Owen Bohannon and Ryker Gilman. Front row from left: Devin Duran, Kenzi Henshaw and Roan Sproul. Not pictured: Ryan Woodmark and Jobe Castro.

BANDON — Ocean Crest Elementary School honors students who are observed doing something reflecting the month's character focus with the “Caught You Being Good” program. Each month will reflect a character focus at the school, with students being fair the theme for March.

Students who are an example of having fair behavior during the month are given a Caught You Being Good entry into a monthly drawing.

At the end of the month at the Friday PRIDE assembly, 15 names are chosen from the box and those students are given a golden dollar, a pencil and a certificate. The Bandon Lions Club provides the prizes for the program.

Students caught being fair include:


Roan Sproul, for treating the sub with respect and being a helpful friend in kindergarten

Kenzie Henshaw, for sitting between two friends rather than choosing one and leaving the other out

First grade:

Ryker Gilman, for sharing supplies with all Tiger Cubs at his table in Walk to Read

Devin Duran, for not interrupting instruction when arriving late, quietly putting backpack away and joining the group at the carpet

Lilith Johnson, for walking around the edge of the carpet instead of walking between kids and distracting learning

Second grade:

Ryan Woodmark, for carefully handling Chromebooks so they will last and be available for other Tiger Cubs

Willa Brink, for being gracious and patient when she is in line and not getting upset by where she is in the line

Jobe Castro, for including everybody in recess playing

Third grade:

Owen Bohannon, for being understanding when a classmate was being disruptive and unfair to classmates by disrupting the testing environment

Sevren Quinn, for helping a peer get organized and patiently waiting his turn

Fourth grade:

Jazmyn Gwynn-Llewellyn, for being inclusive with friends