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BANDON - Returning bicyclists from around the state have been looking for and asking about happened to Bandon’s Cycle Stop Rest and Repair as they enter Old Town.

By pedaling a bit further down First Street, they discover that it has not only been relocated but has added many other amenities to make it one of the premier cycle stops in Oregon.

Bandon’s Cycle Stop Rest and Repair was created in 2014 through a partnership that included the Port of Bandon, the Greater Bandon Association, the City of Bandon and South Coast Bicycles. Located on First Street as bicyclists entered Old Town from Riverside Drive or U.S. Highway 101, it provided an area for bicyclists to rest as well as do minor repairs and maintenance to their bicycles. The Stop received the State of Oregon’s Excellence In Downtown Revitalization award for Partnerships in 2014.

"In June of 2016, the Greater Bandon Association began seeking funding for a second phase of construction of the Cycle Stop as part of its campaign to make Bandon more bicycle friendly," said GBA Chairman Harv Schubothe. "The goal was to encourage bike tourists to visit local merchants and attractions. GBA was successful in securing matching $5,000 grants from Travel Oregon and Wild River Coast Alliance."

At the same time, the partners began exploring alternative locations to help encourage bike tourists to spend more time and dollars in the community, Schubothe added.

"The original Cycle Stop Rest and Repair site had been donated by the Port of Bandon. The components of the Cycle Stop, on the other hand, were mobile if the Port needed its use the land they donated for another purpose," Schubothe said. "It did not take long for the partners to discover another location that could be provided by the Port of Bandon closer to the heart of Old Town and offering more security for visiting bicyclists."

The Cycle Stop Rest and Repair has moved to the area on the boardwalk between the public restroom and Tony’s Crab Shack. It contains all its initial features such as benches, a repair rack, tools and an air pump. With the new grant dollars obtained by GBA, many additional amenities for cyclists have now been added as well.

Not only are cyclists resting next to a public restroom, there are now six secure lockers for both visitors and locals to use. These lockers are large enough to store bike panniers and other gear, so the cyclists can eat, shop and otherwise enjoy the attractions of Old Town Bandon and its boardwalk. Each locker also includes USB ports to enable bicyclists to secure and recharge their mobile devices while they frequent Bandon establishments.

Information displays, and brochure racks are included at the venue on upcoming events such as the Banana Belt Fat Bike Festival and the Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Festival. It also provides walking maps of Old Town, information on scenic bikeways, maps of local, popular routes and other amenities for bicyclists.

A water dispenser has been added where bicyclists can refill their water bottles. And the four bicycle racks have been upgraded with new racks that are more protective of bicycles.

Local bicyclists are invited to check out the new Cycle Stop Rest and Repair to see what visiting bicyclists are raving about and enjoy all that Bandon and its boardwalk have to offer.