Bandon Police Department

July 6

8:21 a.m., someone in lobby of City Hall to make a report. Assistance rendered.

11:21 a.m., theft reported at the Coquille River Lighthouse. Report taken.

2:16 p.m., criminal mischief reported in the 1400 block of Oregon Avenue. Man urinated inside restroom and left on foot. Man trespassed from location.

11:37 p.m., disturbance in the 47000 block of U.S. Highway 101, woman requested that man move out, he is doing so right now but she wants him to do it in the morning because he is being loud and will wake the kids. Parties separated, he will continue to move out tomorrow.

11:44 p.m., caller in the 700 block of Eighth Street SW heard her gate rattle, requested patrol check. Checked area, unable to locate anything suspicious.

July 7

12:22 a.m., suspicious vehicle in front of duplex at South Jetty in the 600 block of Madison Avenue. Vehicle's tail lights are on. Checked vehicle, driver has pulled over to sleep for the night. Handled.

1:13 a.m., report of dog training at the Bandon Gun Club, 88659 Trap Club Lane. Handled. 

12:01 p.m., assisted Coos County Sheriff's Office with traffic at accident scene at mile post 276 on U.S. Highway 101.

1:40 p.m., out with REACH emergency air transport landing at Southern Coos Hospital, 900 11th St. SE. Assistance rendered. 

3:02 p.m., caller in the 1200 block of 11th Street reported two dogs in Subaru Forester with windows down. Owner arrived while on phone. 

5:37 p.m., harassment reported in the 500 block of Harrison Avenue.

6:21 p.m., possible intoxicated driver southbound on U.S. Highway 101, white Ford pick-up with canopy. Vehicle located parked at residence. 

8:39 p.m., suspicious conditions at 11th and Indiana, caller said man ducked between bushes when she saw him. Checked area, unable to locate.

July 8

1:30 p.m., as the result of a traffic stop at Highway 42S and Chow Lane, missing person was located in vehicle. He is OK and heading back to Medford.

1:38 p.m., abandoned vehicle reported in the 500 block of 11th Street SE. Handled.

6:57 p.m., caller said he was following an erratic driver in the area of U.S. Highway 101 and 13th Street. Vehicle stopped, load secured. Driver warned re tailgating. 

11:52 p.m., officer requested regarding person having possible mental break at U.S. Highway 101 and Seven Devils. Woman is not having an emergency, she is standing by for AAA. Assistance rendered.

July 9

3:11 p.m., animal complaint at Weber's Pier, dog overheating in car. Checked area, unable to locate vehicle.

2:55 p.m., ongoing problem with neighbor's dog barking in the 400 block of Ninth St. SE. Information to Bandon Police Department.

5:17 p.m., suspicious conditions in the 46000 block of U.S. Highway 101, caller hears someone yelling in the area. Subject contacted. Officer spoke a little with the women calling, it was unclear what caused the dispute. Man was intoxicated and uncooperative. He came after officer with a shovel. 

10:06 p.m., suspicious conditions in the 500 block of Elmira, women came to caller's house about two hours ago, they seemed confused and high, caller requested contact and patrol checks. Logged for patrol checks.

July 10

2:02 a.m., suspicious vehicle at China Creek beach access, appears unoccupied. Subjects located, warned that area if for day use only.

6:50 a.m., suspicious vehicle sitting on highway at mile post 3.75 on Highway 42S, no one around, no license plate. Transferred call to Oregon State Police. 

9:05 a.m., enroute to check suspicious vehicle on Highway 42S, OSP handling, are going to tow vehicle. 

9:53 a.m., animal complaint - customer in the 1000 block of First St. SE advised Chihuahua has been in a white SUV outside for 30 minute. Logged for information. Vehicle has left.

1:55 p.m., unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in the 89000 block of Highway 42S, parked Harley with no plates alongside the road. Bike returned.

4:10 p.m., suspicious subject on Astor Lane, man and women, appear to be transients, caller said they do not belong in the neighborhood, requested patrol check. Checked area, unable to locate.

4:34 p.m., driving complaint at U.S. Highway 101 and Seabird while BPD was tied up with another call, transferred to Oregon State Police. Driver located and stopped, was driving while tired. Warned.

5:45 p.m., assisted outside agency in the 87000 block of Astor Lane, subjects are camping in brush across from caller's house. Checked area, unable to locate.

5:50 p.m., driver in the 55000 block of Bear Creek Road was cited for driving while suspended and warned re failure to maintain lane.

7:03 p.m., neighbor dispute in the 200 block of 13th Street SE, woman said neighbor made sexual advances toward her son on July 2. Attempted to contact neighbor, she would not come to the door. Caller requested that the neighbor be trespassed from her house. 

9:24 p.m., man down in the area of Fillmore Avenue and First Street. 

9:43 p.m., suspicious conditions in the area of Edison Avenue, caller said someone is looking at vehicles and at people's property. Checked area, contacted subjects, warned for trespassing.

11:29 p.m., caller requested police see if caregiver's van is in the driveway in the 3200 block of Grant Place. She was going to the beach, did not tell other party she was home and he is worried. Called back, disregard, person returned. 

11:43 p.m., intoxicated man passed out on bench in the 55 block of Michigan Avenue. He is now moving on.

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