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City of Bandon

BANDON — City of Bandon electric utility customers will soon see a slight increase in their bills.

The City Council voted unanimously at their November meeting to increase electric utility rates by 2.4 percent, effective Dec. 1. The new rates will be reflected on the February bills, which are mailed out at the end of January.

The City Council is granted authority to increase electric utility rates to cover the cost of rate increases charged to the City of Bandon by the Bonneville Power Administration under Section 48 of the Bandon City Charter, and by the Bandon Municipal Code, Title 13, Chapter 13.24.050.

On Oct. 1, the BPA raised the rates for the generation and transmission of electric power to the City of Bandon by a consolidated rate of 5.28 percent. The consolidated rate increase is the result of a 5.4 percent increase in the wholesale power generation rate and a .07 percent decrease in the power transmission rate, according to City Manager Robert Mawson.

According to BPA’s Rate Impact Model for the BP-18 rate period, the increase will result in an estimated $119,825 in additional annual charges for wholesale power and transmission. The RIM compares the city's anticipated bills in the upcoming fiscal year to what those bills would have been under the old rates, holding loads constant, Mawson explained.

The proposed increase was discussed by the City of Bandon Utilities Commission during their Oct. 11 meeting. At that meeting, the Utilities Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the City Council approve an electric utility increase to cover the cost of the recent increase by the BPA.

During the Nov. 6 City Council meeting, Resolution 17-10 was passed, which increases electric utility rates by 2.4 percent. 

More information, including the new rate schedule is available on the City of Bandon website.

About the Bandon Electric Department

The Bandon Electric Department service area includes Bandon and extends from the Coquille River south to Denmark, and from the Pacific Ocean east on 42S to the Fish Hatchery, and along both sides of U.S. Highway 101.

The city purchases power from Bonneville Power Administration and takes delivery at three step-down substations located at Bill's Creek, Two Mile and Langlois. From these delivery points the Electric Department distributes approximately 6,722,747 KWH of power to 3,730 customers per month.

The Electric Department is charged with the maintenance of all electric lines, substations, buildings, vehicles and apparatus used to distribute power to its customers. When the budget permits, the department undertakes additional system upgrade work, such as replacement of overhead with underground lines.

The City of Bandon Electric Department serves 2,732 residential and 998 commercial customers.

City of Bandon's electrical service is approximately 2 miles from east to west and 17 miles north to south. It has 645,433 feet (123 miles) of underground wire and 1,539,245 feet (292 miles) of overhead wire. The department's crew consists of seven employees: one supervisor, five linemen and one meter technician.

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