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apple pie contest

Panelists cleanse their palate with water between each taste of apple pie.

MYRTLE POINT — It's time for the Coos County Fair, so start practicing apple pie baking now.

The winner will once again win an electric range, thanks to contest sponsor Steve Tucker Superstore in Coquille. This will be their last year sponsoring the contest since they are retiring but the stove will be on display at the fair. 

Here are the rules:

Coos County residents may enter who are not previous winners, at least not stove winners. Only one pie per exhibitor may be entered.

Two-crust apple pie must be baked in an aluminum pan. Freeze it and wrap it in foil. Then seal it again in a plastic bag.

Take your pie to the Culinary Department between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday or Sunday, July 21-22.

Note: No pies will be returned. What isn't sampled will remain on display until the fair ends.

Pies are awarded points for crust: color, shape, texture - is it flaky and tender, and flavor - no pronounced fat or salt taste.

The filling is judged as well and half the points available are determined by the filling. Consistency or texture, flavor and of course overall appearance.

If you would like more information, call Fran Capehart at 541-396-5131 or 541-396-5387.

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