Details for Coos Watershed


The Coos County Noxious Weed Board presents:

Weed of the Month
Poison Hemlock
Conium maculatum

ID Tips:

Truly a "Noxious" Weed

-Parsley/carrot like
flowers/ leaves

Poison Hemlock is Highly Toxic! All parts
of this plants are lethal in small quantities
-Purple blotches on stem
if ingested. Even mowing the plant poses
-Can grow up to 6'+ tall!
hazards: the sap is phytotoxic, reacting on
- Bloom time: May - Aug skin to form a sunburn and a scar that can
last months!
It is lethal to livestock in small quantities,
but is only consumed if other forage is
very scarce.

Poison Hemlock lives in sunny disturbed
areas, like drainages, roadsides etc.

Have you seen me?!
Contact Coos
Watershed Association
(541) 888-5922 x309

Or Coquille Watershed
Association (541) 396-2541

Noxious weeds are everyone's responsibility!