Details for JordanCove/Lanphier - Ad from 2019-03-09

YourSupport Loud and Clear is As we move forward through a busy and exciting year, we want to take a moment to thank our thousands of supporters, especially along the South Coast and throughout Southern Oregon. Thanks to the more than 70,000 of you represented through letters and formal comments, the more than 2,000 who joined with us at events and hearings, and those who simply take 5 minutes and call to see what more you can do to help. Your constant, vocal support gives us confidence that the Jordan Cove Project will become a reality. Together, you are too many to name on this page, but thankfully you know who you are and believe us, we do too. Thank You! You are state, county and local government officials, labor leaders and union members, businesspeople—both small and large, and leaders and members of Chambers of Commerce. You are Tribal members, landowners, environmental partners and activists, Boost Southern Oregon, business and economic development organizations, social service providers, community leaders, and others from all over Oregon. You are our neighbors across Klamath, Jackson, Douglas and Coos Counties. Add your voice of support—Loud and Clear! © 2019 Jordan Cove LNG, LLC · A Pembina Company. All rights reserved. · 1765

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