Details for COOS WATERSHED ASSOCIATION - Ad from 2019-08-14

The Coos County Noxious Weed Board presents: Weed of the Month S U IO Old X NO ID Tips: - White "fluffy" flower - Deciduous - Woody vine - Vines can grow up to 6" thick - Bloom time: June - August Man's Beard Clematis vitalba Old man's beard is very similar to English ivy; it is a woody vine that can reproduce by both seed and vegetatively. Although it has similar growth habits to ivy, old man's beard is much more difficult to spot in your trees and bushes because it looses its leaves every winter. This invasive weed grows rapidly and is a prolific seeder. These qualities make old man's beard an easy plant to get out of your hands, so it is very important to combat it when you first spot it!! If old man's beard is not removed, it will quickly swallow trees and bushes, depriving them from sunlight - very similar to English ivy!! Have you seen me?! Contact your local watershed! Coos Watershed Association (541) 888-5922 x309 Coquille Watershed Association (541) 396-2541 Report invaders by downloading the EDDMapSWest app @ coos.plant.invaders Noxious weeds are everyone's responsibility!

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