Details for COOS WATERSHED ASSOCIATION - Ad from 2019-06-12

The Coos County Noxious Weed Board presents: ID Tips: Watch out for this hitch hiker! This burr will attach to your clothing and animal’s fur to transfer to a new location. - Ball shape with purple/ Check your pant legs (and your animal’s brown colored burrs fur) before leaving an area where you see - Bloom time: May - July this plant, then report it! - Low-lying ground cover This invasive will take over your gardens, displacing almost everything you have planted. It will also invade your driveway and other parts of your property. It lies low to the ground, so you may not notice it until it has formed flowering balls! Biddy-biddy prefers dry soil in disturbed areas with access to a lot of sunlight. Have you seen me?! Contact Coos Watershed Association (541) 888-5922 x309 Or Coquille Watershed Association (541) 396-2541 Download the EDDMapSWest app to your phone from the app store @coos.plant.invaders Noxious weeds are everyone’s responsibility!

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