Details for COOS WATERSHED ASSOCIATION - Ad from 2018-07-11

The Coos Watershed Association presents: Weed of the Month Tree (Pine) ID Tips: - Purple or blue 5-petal flower - Can grow up to 15' in height - Biennial - rosette in 1st yr, flowering 2nd yr then dies back - Bloom time: May - August Echium WARNING: Hairs on their stems can cause blistering when touched. Tree echium thrives in well drained soils. It's dense 2' - 3' wide rosettes will shade out native plants in your yard and create a monoculture; eventually displacing any smaller plants you have planted. It is a self-seeding plant, meaning it's seed will germinate just weeks after being shed - so you can imagine how quickly it will dominate your yard! Have you seen me?! Contact The Coos Watershed Association (541) 888-5922 Download the EDDMapSWest app to your phone from the app store Or call the invasive species hotline 1-866-INVADER (1-866-468-2337) @ coos.plant.invaders Noxious weeds are everyone's responsibility!

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