Details for COOS WATERSHED ASSOCIATION - Ad from 2019-02-13

The Coos County EDRR Strike Team presents: Weed of the Month Spanish Heath Erica lusitanica ID Tips: - perennial evergreen It is important that we catch this plant before it escapes and becomes the next gorse or broom!! Spanish heath only reproduces by seed. A single mature plant can produce up to 9 million seeds in a single year; that is 500x more seed than gorse and over 640x more - erect woody plant seed than scotch broom produces in a single year! - Flowers: December - April Spanish heath tolerates similar conditions to gorse and brooms, making it a great threat to our coastline. It is currently found in Northern California in abundance, working its way into Oregon. - white bell-shaped flowers clustered at end of branches There are only a handful of escaped populations in the state that we know of, so please contact us if you have seen this plant in Oregon - we want to help! Needremovalhelporhavequestions?! Contact The Coos Watershed Association W (541) 888-5922 x309 To report sightings: download the EDDMapSWest app to your phone from the app store @ coos.plant.invaders Noxious weeds are everyone's responsibility!

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