NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE Notice is hereby given that the following units will be sold by verbal auction according to ORS 87.687 , to the highest bidder, on August 26th at or after 11 am. Auction will take place at Airport-U-Stor 49877 HWY 101 S. Bandon, OR 97411. The following units will be sold as “individual whole units" due to non-payment: Deboyd Smith, B-10; Jesse Geer, E-2; Alicia Locke, I-09; Jennifer Heffinger, H-41; W.B. Martin, C-05; Andrew Kaufman, G-25; Chelsey Colledge, H-47; Darryl Medford, D-28; Mary Chapin, G-12; Jon Martindale, H-58; Misty Sibold, G-23; Aaron Willings, G-03; Saranthena Tsika, C-27; Dale Warren, H-33; Chris Sabin, G-31; James Beatty, G-37; Alton Dan Simons II, H-59; Kevin Haga, G-40;Linda Perine, D-15; Stephanie Blonskij, H-14; Albert Levesque, H-42; Wendell Schirmer, E-05; Jeff Richeot, H-26; Michael Harris, D-29; Joe Hassett, B-20; Darren House, H-29; Steven Perkins, H-02; Thomas Hassett, I-95; John Beesley, A-26; Jessica Vespermann, G-28; Brittany Wilson, H-23; Briauna Harris, H-25; Clifford Dobler, D-20; Kenneth Gandy, H-12; Joe Ornbaun, A-33; Kenneth Miller, I-51; Loretta Johnson, H-04; Rain Haris, D-37; Jennifer Elkins, I-73; James Beatty, H-17; Mark Wilkes, A-42; Pat Vinton, I-80; Mary Schroder, H-37; Joseph Knight, I-28; Roberto Hernandes-Sabater, H-18; Deborah Crabtree, D-17; Cheri Keyes, H-11; Alice Tileston-Brown, G-32; Chip England, D-30; Barbara Richter, I-85; Cynthia Clifford Sweatte, C-01; Shane Miller, D-05; Morgan Hill, H-08; Justin Degeorge, A-40; Tom McCullough, C-19; Sheri Simmons, H-03; Jennifer Heffinger, I-15. Published: August 11th & 18th, 2018 The World Newspaper (ID-20333017)


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