Details for In the Matter of a Spray Program for Coos County

In the Matter of a Spray Program for Coos County Road Department NOTICE OFSPRAY PROGRAM TO: ALL INTERESTED PERSONS 1. In order to maintain County roads, the Coos County Road Department intends to institute a brush control program on March 1st, which may include the use of herbicides on the rights-of-way of certain Coos County roads. 2. Property owners may request the Coos County Road Department not spray the right-of-way abutting their property. Property owners who do not wish the County to spray must contact the Road Department. The Road Department will provide the property owner with a "NO SPRAY" Agreement to complete and return by March 1st. These agreements are free of charge and must be renewed annually. 3. The property owner must post the right-of-way to indicate the "NO SPRAY" area with signs provided by the Road Department. The County will no longer recognize homemade no-spray signs. If you do not want us to spray the right of way adjacent to your property, you must come in to the Road Department and fill out a no-spray agreement. 4. Failure to contact the Road Department, enter into the agreement or failure to post the required signs will result in the Road Department spraying the right-of-way as planned. 5. If the property owner posts the abutting right-of-way as a "NO SPRAY" area, the property owner is responsible for controlling the vegetation on the right-of-way. If the property owner fails to clear the right-of-way, the County may do so, with the cost charged to the property owner. Failure to pay this cost will result in a lien being assessed against the property. 6. Contact the Coos County Road Department at 1281 West Central, Coquille, Oregon 97423; or call 541/396-7660 for further information. Published: January 08 & 22, 2019 The World & ONPA (ID-20340095)


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