Friday, June 17 — Go!Girl ventured down to the Coos Bay Boardwalk to eat her lunch with Dr. Susan K. Hammar, visiting family from Studio City, Calif. The breezeway was windy and I suggested we head down to the Amanda, a sailboat that doubles as the office for Stan’s Seaplanes. As luck would have it, it was a lovely afternoon and the owner, Stan Jefferies, was just finishing up with a seaplane ride. We ate our lunch and hopped in for a ride. I’ve been grousing about not seeing whales for quite some time and I made it clear it was about time I saw whales.

Just north of Riley Ranch we headed toward the beach. Our destination was Charleston. Shortly after we started south we spotted a whale. … No, not a whale it was an orca. Not just one but three adults and a juvenile! We circled around and I set my camera on video.

Sorry Sharky's Charters, that whale we saw just didn’t measure up to these four orcas! Go to to see the short video.