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If you live or work within a quarter mile of the Reedsport Farmers Market, know that in April a high powered transmitter was installed. These are small devices usually hidden in plain sight. Electric sensitive individuals experience instant weakness, nausea, violent headaches, blurry vision, near deafness the moment they step out of their car anywhere within four blocks. But the folk are the canaries SHOWING the symptoms. Everyone is affected. Everyone in the transmitter's range is being exposed to life-threatening emissions. Heart palpitations, severe anxiety, migraines, CANCER, tinnitus-deafness, and more. RESEARCH this.

Don't believe me? Have you been having leg muscle cramps, weakness, numb sensations, 'heaviness' in your arms, no sleep or too much sleep, bizarre dreams as if you're seeing a TV show, nausea, diarrhea, and more, but like the smart meters which were put on your house without your permission, just try to get the communications company to take the broadcasting unit away. There are no regulations against someone frying you with WiFi or microwaves or high electromagnetic emissions. RESEARCH how folks in other communities have been trying to rid their streets of these Level five transmitters. And don't think for a moment that one of these transmitters won't appear on your street corner. Speak out, protest. Notice that very few vendors come to the Farmers Market any more, and not so many customers. They simply feel too awful to quickly to stay for more than a few moments. And feel very sorry for anyone who is working or living within the shadow of that transmitter.

Ann Fillmore