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Through the help of so many Reedsport signers, a very important measure has been placed on the ballot for voters to decide. The measure is called "Home Rule," a form of government that brings the people closer to their government and implements term limits on commissioners.

Reedsport has been too long denied a seat at the table about important decisions that affect them, along with other rural Douglas County communities. They have been deceived, forgotten, and treated like a red headed step child. Our county commissioners have not served the county well, though they pull six figure salaries with PERS. That is why Home Rule will encourage what should be service by the people for the people, not the money.

With Home Rule, there will be five districts, with the political power being shifted from Roseburg in the center to the outer unincorporated and rural districts. Each district will elect their own commissioner. At last, Reedsport will have the opportunity to elect a commissioner to represent them in the county seat! This is revolutionary, and many of the people I've spoken to said, "I've been saying we need this for years!"

We cannot afford to keep paying bloated commissioner salaries, and we cannot keep waiting on failed economic strategies. We are paying too high a price for incompetence. Home Rule will bring a professional county manager employed by our volunteer commissioners, as they continue to set policies, and the manager will ensure their policies are implemented efficiently. I want the people of Reedsport to know how hard it's been for the citizens, to bring our constitutional right to reform — how hard the status quo elite has fought to keep this off the ballot, to defeat it completely.

I want to thank you personally if you signed the petition outside of McKay's. But also please know our fight is not over, you still need take your community back by voting YES when your ballot arrives Oct. 18. This measure belongs to all of us, to the people that volunteer selflessly, to the people that keep our libraries going, to the people who feel oppressed while these politician's pockets get fatter. Home Rule belongs to the people, so please tell your friends and family, please run for commissioner of your district, and please vote YES on 10-159.

Brandy Stone