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GARDINER — Sanitary board members have allocated extra for a new fire hall roof.

Meeting in mid-June, the Gardiner Sanitary Board approved a budget that sets aside funds for the roof.

Board member Richard Nored said the budget totals $417,532, including from a system replacement reserve fund. Nored said the board will need to take money from that to work on the inflow project.

Last year's budget -- between revenue and expenses -- totaled $378,402. For this year, he explained that "the primary difference is that we tried to set aside a reserve to replace the roof."

Money consisting of $8,000 from the Ford Family Foundation, $5,000 from last year in the district and $10,000 this year will help with maintenance.

"It's carry forward," Nored said of the $10,000.

Replacing the roof remained a key objective of board members, along with inflow work.

"In the case of Gardiner, we couldn't afford to replace the roof on the fire station, so we had originally planned to budget $5,000 per year for five years and hope the roof didn't start leaking before we could afford to replace it," he said.

Linda Stevens applied for a grant on behalf of the district and the board received that $15,000.

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