REEDSPORT — Michelle Petrofes figured maybe she hadn't won at a prestigious quilt championship.

Her husband, Dr. Dale Harris, was readying to go camping. She was pretty diligent in her efforts. Petrofes checked the home computer and didn't find anything.

Then she checked her cell phone.

"I said 'Dale could you check this because I think I've won,'" Petrofes said. There at the bottom of the screen was her name listed as one of the winning entries for the Hoffmann Challenge. This marks her second year to participate in the Challenge. 

"I was really surprised and really happy," she said.

Petrofes and her spouse both work at Dunes Family Medical Clinic in family medicine.

Her piece is entitled WONDERFUL Flowers. Competitors had two choices -- either use black and white material or digital print mastery that comes in bright colorful forms.

"And the material is all flowers," she said.

All winning quilts travel around the country in trunks to various shows and conventions. The physician added that there's at least 40 quilts per trunk.

"My quilt didn't win anything but it traveled," Dr. Petrofes said. "It is an international competition."

"It went to six or 10 places," she noted. "There was a place in Colorado where they were having a big competition. Tacoma was the closest."

The quilt then headed to a town in the northeast for another show.

Quilting is big business.

"It's a whole world of quilting," she said. "It's a multi-billion dollar industry."

Products include threads, quilting machines, sewing machines, lights, rulings, mats, scissors, pens and pencils.

"You'll kind of be surprised to see how much I have to do to do my quilting," she said.

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