Bethany Baker, The World

REEDSPORT -- The Forest Service's National Recreational Dune area building will have 2,800 square feet more space through a $1.1 million project.

City Manager Jonathan Wright said the current space for the building comes to roughly 6,800 square feet.

"They have outgrown the building, which is a good problem to have," Wright said. Not only is an expansion in the works but this also means more temporary and permanent federal employees who make good wages.

"It doesn't mean that they'll have 100 (new) employees, but they have the capacity (once work's done)," the city manager said.

"In January we should have it out for bid," Wright said. Then in about March, the project will be awarded with construction to begin in April or May 2018.

"Altogether, it'll be a year long project," he said.

As already reported, Reedsport city councilors approved a 10-year lease with the federal General Service Administration for the building's rental. The Forest Service pays $94,000 to the city in annual rent.

The building is at 855 Highway 101.

Whichever company receives the bid will first have its workers build the addition. This way, Forest Service employees will have a minimum of distractions. Those federal employees will then move into the addition.

The project is a hefty one.

It also consists of seismic upgrades, a new wall and floor, and expansion of office space, or as Wright put it, "basically a complete remodel."

Laborers built the Forest Service structure in 1974.

The city will replace the roof and he said there's been dry rot problems there too. New guttersĀ  will need to be installed.

"During construction, the sewage dump station should remain open," the city manager added.

"The expansion brings in extra employees which is an economic (boost)," he said. "We're happy to have a partner with the Forest Service. They're a great tenant and so in a community that needs jobs, we're continuing to support and grow new ones."

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