LAKESIDE — The coastal community has seen the rise of building permits in the last year and a recent population boost.

"It's been busy since the day I got here," said City Administrator Curt Kelling of the permits he's seen come through.

The town's official population is 1,725 according to information he has and what the community gets funding for. Specifically this for transportation or alcohol and these numbers come from the Portland State University Population Research Center.

With a grin, he said it gets "closer to 1,726 around the 4th of July." The community sees a huge boost in tourism however for especially that holiday.

The two weeks around "the Fourth of July this place is packed."

The tricky part for Lakeside is that some citizens live elsewhere but own property in town "so they don't get counted."

This situation isn't unique to Lakeside.

"All of the places on the coast have to be  seeing that — the people who have second homes," Kelling said.

"We're doing a lot of housing starts," the city administrator said, adding that this comes to four or five per year "which for us is big."

What's been odd for Kelling, however, is that developers haven't seen two obvious needs — apartments and senior housing.

"I've driven around," he said, referring to the apparent non-existence of apartment complexes there. "Nothing bigger than a duplex."

He's surprised too that, given the number of retirees in town there's no retirement home.

"None of those things were ever proposed, done," he said.


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