Fire Chief Tom Anderson

Fire Chief Tom Anderson and his crew will get a 2016 Freightliner, courtesy of a United States Department of Agriculture grant. The new vehicle arrives this week and replaces a 38-year-old truck.

REEDSPORT — With help from a federal grant, Reedsport firefighters will have a new fire truck this week.

The United States Department of Agriculture grant provides $321,000 for a 2016 Freightliner pump, which includes new air packs. Fire Chief Tom Anderson said the vehicle will pump 1,250 gallons of water per minute and holds 1,000 gallons.

The Freightliner marks a major step up for the Reedsport department.

"All of our tankers are either 500 gallon or 750," Anderson said. "So this is quite an increase in what we can take to a fire."

Plus with the ocean salt air, vehicles rust out.

The current fleet consists of:

  • four Class A pumpers;
  • a rope rescue truck:
  • a hose truck;
  • a salvage vehicle;
  • command truck;
  • and the Ford Western State truck, which dates back 38 years. Fire personnel are trading in this one for the 2016 model.

"We're constantly looking for grants," Chief Anderson emphasized. "I'm not going to question the results because it all worked out."

Anderson's like others on staff about the newer vehicle, saying there'll be "more water capacity on board" plus Foam A or Foam B on board. Firefighters use either of these two chemicals to combat car blazes, fuel combustions, paper fires, agriculture fires and others. Foam comes in five gallon cans but "the particular unit holds 40 gallons on board."

Speaking Aug. 28, the fire chief said "they're coming over (with the truck) Monday morning and then we'll hold an orientation class Tuesday morning. And we hope to have the training in service. Wednesday ready to answer calls."

The 2016 vehicle comes from Boise Mobile Equipment Inc.

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