Local store owners offer these tips about this year’s biggest trends in wedding fashion:


The Sabrina neckline is big. Dresses with the Sabrina neckline have a more modest look, coming all the way up to the neck, and incorporate a lot of lace detail, which is popular, says Bonnie Morgan of Exclusively Bridal.


Many brides are wearing unique footwear. Morgan says brides are choosing something fun and distinctive under their dresses, such as comfortable boots or flats.  


Brides are ditching the veils and tiaras in favor of glitzy headbands, flowers or even feathers in their hair. Morgan says small, simple hats with English-style nets over the face are also popular.

Braids are in style as well as sweeping, soft curls that give a natural look, says Jennifer Jenkins of Image Makers salon. Brides aren’t going with the hard-lined, prom hairstyles anymore.


Brides are going with a lot more glitz and glam than last year. Morgan says many brides are wearing heavier bling around their necks.


Unique cake toppers are in vogue. Couples are choosing toppers that show off their personality or match the wedding’s theme. And most cakes are stacked one atop another, a trend that started about eight years ago, says Morgan. But some cakes have dowels separating the layers to give them a more rustic look to go with a themed wedding.


Deep hues such as purple and navy blue are popular as well as silvers and lavenders, says Beth Clarkson of Checkerberry’s Flowers and Gifts.


The “garden” look is popular for flower bouquets, aptly named because the bouquet is made up of a variety of flowers that look like they were picked fresh from a garden. Peonies and hydrangeas are big, while white flowers and roses aren’t very popular anymore, Clarkson says.

When deciding on flowers for table centerpieces, some brides are buying the flowers in bulk and then creating their own arrangements.

Brides are also bringing in pictures of flower bouquets they like from online sites such as Pinterest. This makes it a lot easier to give a bride what she wants, Clarkson says.

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