I have just been notified by the sanitation department that the free recycling program in Lakeside is going to stop, and that if I wish to continue to recycle, it will cost me just under $5 per month, pick up will only be twice a month, and that there are only five items that are acceptable for recycling. I was informed that this is due to a change in the "worldwide market place", but after some research I have learned that it is really due to China telling the United States what it will take or will not take. Since when do we let China tell us, a free nation last time I checked, what we can do or not do?

There are other sources out there for recycling, some that actually do recycle and reuse. I have enclosed a link to an article from San Francisco and what they are doing for their recycling: They are actually stepping up their game and are recycling almost everything, not cutting back on what is accepted and what isn't. They have given the citizens in the little town of Sunset a 16-gallon garbage can and a 64-gallon recycling can. The ONLY things they ask the citizens NOT to put in the recycling cans are; pet poop, sanitary napkins and razor blades.

Now I ask you, if they can do this and not have to bow down to China, then why can"t more cities and towns do so as well? If we care so little about our planet and our environment, then we should just throw everything into our garbage cans and let the dump burn it ALL. It may not be good for our air quality, but it's better than letting the communists tell us what we can and can't do!

Here is the link: www.sfchronicle.com/politics/article/Recycling-rule-changes-in-SFWe all ready stopped recycling Styrofoam and glass, so what's next? Are we going to recycle or are we not going to recycle? Do we care or do we not care? Maybe we should stop accepting their "garbage" and see how they like it!

Gail Clymer