Last month I wondered where the outrage has been, given the Trump administration's and the PPP congress' atrocious behavior. Apparently not here. Over the last six months, condemnation letters on this page have been few, limited and far between despite the monstrous mendacity, hypocrisy, incompetency, divisiveness and sabotage of our former norms and rights. This question includes the lack of condemnation from the editorial board of this paper.

We know that the media can lead the public around by the nose. Any issue harped on by media outlets raises arousal from large segments of the population. When editorial boards, reporters and commentators are passive it signals unimportance, or worse yet tacit approval.

Many here are myopic. They see the trees (we need to rebuild our schools etc.) but not the forest (the lack of a national infrastructure rebuild which would trickle down to unprosperous areas). They see the unaffordable drug prices but not the abuse of patents by the makers, which Congress (run by the Predatory Plutocratic Party) does nothing about. They see the mass killings but don't even know the names of the gun making executives who buy the NRA. They see food prices go up and affordable housing diminish but never see who is responsible — and there are no main stream media advisors pointing out where to look and who to look at. But as long as this paper publishes them, you can at least express your dissatisfaction with the dysfunctional culprits and endlessly greedy overlords.

Absent that, we get mindless pap about black footballer protests from those who never wore a black skin. What Trump has accomplished legislatively (5/10) is allowing the mentally ill to buy guns. That's it. His edicts include increasing unwanted pregnancy, roiling the immigration controversy and starving the ACA (if he can). His unscripted words have diminished the nation. His charity is only to himself. Condemn Hillary's emails and have his own underlings also use their own servers. He tells us that only if a Senator hadn't been in the hospital the ACA replacement would have passed when, in reality, three senators defected, leaving only 49 PPP yes votes for a plan which would have killed thousands and caused untold suffering, depletion and confusion while cutting taxes for his personal gain.

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay