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In regard to Ken Folker's letter suggesting banning so called assault weapons.

First I would like to ask Mr. Folker to define what an assault weapon is, keeping in mind that virtually anything that is used to assault another person with could be an assault weapon, such as a baseball bat or a hammer. As for a buy back program Mr. Folker suggested, that is nothing but gun confiscation! Then he talks about a national gun registration. I wonder if Mr. Folker was ever aware that in the 30s Germany had gun registration, and when Hitler came into power he took all the guns from the people. For their safety of course! And he knew right where to go and get them. Where our guns are should be the last thing the government should know! Then Mr. Folker ask how this would infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Mr.Folker, please look up the definition of the word infringe.

Mr. Folker says Australia is a great example. He left out a few facts like the crime rate went up 43 percent nearly over night. One example of the Australian gun law is a rancher who went though all the requirements to have a rifle to protect his livestock from predators was the victim of a home invasion and protected his family by holding the two invaders at gun point until the police came and arrested them. Then the government confiscated his gun and informed him he could no longer have a gun for any reason! Does that sound like a great example, Mr. Folker. I would also like Mr. Folker to tell me of one case, just one, where a gun law kept a criminal from getting a gun. I can give Mr. Folker many cases where a gun stopped a criminal. I really wonder where Mr. Folker gets his info from.

Phil Shellabarger