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Replying to the Dec. 19, 2017, letter to the editor by Mr. David Leader of Charleston regarding his thoughts on the proposed warming center.

I do not agree with your math on the percentage of career homeless people not being criminals, but I will push that aside. What I am opposed to is that I bought my house by the church in a residential neighborhood, I did not buy my home to live by a warming center. This proposed warming center will have 23 beds. How many homeless will migrate toward that warming center during the day? I don't think that anyone knows this number. Then the first 23 will be taken, the rest will be turned away. How far from that church do you suppose those homeless people will go at 8 p.m.? Not far, as they will stay close to that warming center to be there earlier for the next night. These career homeless will pace up and down our streets, in our driveways and alley ways. They will sleep in our bushes and woodsheds and use our yards as their restrooms. Perhaps the Charleston neighborhood has a place to set up a warming center?

Liz Goll

North Bend