So the Blossom Gulch school is sinking. Why didn't they abandon it instead of Bunker Hill? It is a good, solid building on a good foundation and sitting on solid ground.

I believe there is a private school using part of it now. There is a good school building at the top of 10th Street hill. They kicked the kids out of it and turned it into offices to mismanage the district from. How about the Eastside schools. They all have fallen into disrepair from very little upkeep. If a home is worth $250,000, the extra tax will be $400.

This is a depressed area, and with inflation eating up our pensions, this could someday have a direct bearing on what we eat for dinner. That $400 will be $10,000 when the bond expires in 25 years, if my math is correct. This will put a hardship on a lot of people if it passes. Vote no!

Bill Hargis

Coos Bay