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In all of the current confusion in the Trump White House, two things are clear. This president is incompetent. He also has misled his faithful followers and those who did not vote for him that he is knowledgeable and logical about government and history.

Trump’s ignorance of history was revealed again when he praised the domestic terrorists in Charlottesville who were waving flags with swastikas on them. These symbols of Nazis are associated with the genocide of more than 8 million people, a crime that will never be reconciled.

Trump used a false equivalence when he said that the neo-National Socialists waving the Nazi flags in Charlottesville were no worse than people who opposed them. It was like equating the Nazi SS and Gestapo, who were intent in wiping out the Warsaw ghetto in WWII, with the valiant Jews who opposed them. Opposing tyranny and terrorists is always the right thing to do.

Trump is also incompetent in government. He has accomplished not one thing through Congress on his own. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch of the Supreme Court was Senator Mitch McConnell’s triumph, not Trump’s.

Trump failed in trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act. It was obvious he did not know what is in either the original act or the terrible proposed Senate replacement. The Senate properly voted the replacement down. There is literally nothing else that Trump has persuaded Congress to act on.

Unfortunately there is one thing that Trump has accomplished outside of Washington, and that is dividing the country into two distinct camps. Both those on the mythical right and left parties have used the word “hate” to describe their attitudes to each other.

This, too, is a false equivalence. Trump likes toxic confrontations, and hate is one of his favorite words. He delights in stirring up his followers against Democrats. Democrats return this antipathy, though we should not.

Both the right and left should sit down together without Trump’s ideas to figure out what is best for our country. I can name a few things we can agree on. Feed our kids. Don’t start another war in Korea, Venezuela, Iran, or elsewhere in the world. Bring our troops home from Afghanistan and use the money saved to build highways, schools, and bridges. We can create jobs with money formerly spent overseas.

It is time to fight Trump’s incompetence together.

Ralph Mohr

Coos Bay