At this time I am not proud to be a citizen of the United States. We have a petty, immature, and ignorant man as president. As I think of his claim that celebrity has given him the right to grab women by the genitals, I must add indecent to this list of adjectives. He began his term by insulting Mexicans and other people of color, and made all bigoted people feel justified in their racial hatred. He sets a terrible example for all youngsters: Recall the junior high students here in Coos Bay that felt encouraged to harass and insult a brown skinned foreign student immediately after the inauguration.

There is a long list of examples of Trump’s unsuitability for the office he holds; They have occurred on almost a daily basis. His withdrawal from the international meetings in Paris to work toward global cooperation in stemming the rise of atmospheric warming has made me feel ashamed of our country. We are now the one nation that refuses to cooperate, while we are holding one of the top spots, if not the very top spot, as a greenhouse gas emitter. Trump puts the profits for the fat cats of the oil industry above the safety and welfare of us all, especially of the young people who will inherit crippled and ailing life support systems. His dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency, and other moves of this sort, shows that he does not have the knowledge of an eighth grade Earth science student. He claims that his immigration bans are going to make us safer, while his take down of environmental protections is putting all of us and all other species at risk. He shows no understanding of the fact that the existence of life as we know it has evolved out of, and depends upon, the continued healthy functioning of Earth’s biosphere.

The United States has been a leader and standard bearer of representative government, advanced science and humane policies; Our impulsive president has made our nation a liability and a danger. I would love to stand with pride and gratitude when I hear the national anthem; I will not be doing that under the present administration. It is not patriotic to express adulation for our country as it goes off the rails. These days, more than ever, protest is patriotic.

Bonnie Joyce

Myrtle Point