It appears Sharon Ramirez has once again had an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Like most of the Left, she is still having tantrums because the lying corrupt criminal Hillary Clinton did not win the election. People like Ramirez will never get over the fact that Trump won and will continue to make fools of themselves. President Trump has done more good for this county than the last five presidents did together. Obama was without a doubt the worst president ever! I think the Democrats are going to have a hard time explaining why the stock market is at an all time high and the economy is over 3 percent and Obama never got that high in his eight years of mismanagement. Now that the tax cut and jobs bill has passed, the Dems will have an even harder time explaining why they spent all their time bashing Trump and getting nothing done. The Left has been lying about the tax cut claiming that big corporations are just going to keep the money from the tax cut they will get. WRONG! AT&T has said they are giving their employees a $1,000 bonus. And any of the Left that were against the tax cut, when you get your paycheck in February and there is more money in it, you can do one of two things, give the extra money back to the government or keep it and be a hypocrite!

Phil Shellabarger